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Engaged Leaders & Mentors (ELM)

The ELM Community Leadership Club is a program that thrives on the importance of mentoring, leadership building, apprenticeship, community service, and self-wellness. The purpose of the community club is to bridge the gap between community leaders, business owners, and youth.  One of the goals of ELM is to increase partnerships and improve the workforce. 


ELM Community Leadership Club is a rewarding program for young adults and teens between the ages of 12-21. It’s a great way to be involved in the community, lead, be a mentor, or be mentored.

Get Involved Today!


Become a Mentor

Be Mentored

Community Service

Does your group/organization need community service projects/activities?


Does your organization need volunteers to help with projects/activities?

Each group must ensure that the individuals participating are covered by insurance.

Families may volunteer at their discretion.

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