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Professional Learning Courses

Service provides learning opportunities to strengthen knowledge and skills of professionals. Programs are tailored to the needs of individuals/organizations seeking development. Specializing in Literacy Development, Instructional Technology, STEM, Homeschool Education, Classroom Management, and Learning Environments.

In addition to courses already developed, our consultants create courses and deliver professional development through a variety of instructional methods. 

Online & Speaker Series Courses

Technology at School

Managing Your Classroom with So Much Technology

With personalized learning and 1:1 devices, comes a multitude of technology tools.  How do you keep the tools organized, keep students actively engaged and keep your sanity?  Explore physical classroom/lab design and set up, share examples of how to keep classrooms/labs and workstations manageable, and discover activities that will help students remain engaged and attentive while learning.

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Happy Kids with Books

Teaching Literacy in Homeschool Programs

Understand the fundamentals of literacy development and the components of literacy. Learn fun and engaging strategies and techniques for helping students, in grades K-12, improve writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills. Examine age appropriate literacy skills, what should be taught at different levels, how to effectively teach those skills, and how to keep students interested.

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Technology Class

Technology and Project-Based Learning

Now that you have used an abundance of technology in the classroom, what is the next step? Take a closer look at effectively turning the use of technology into project based learning that will impact schools and communities.

Explore activities that allow use of technology that engages students in real world projects. Implement simple projects that align with standards and use those projects to connect with the surrounding community. Participate in discussion about how to reuse overused apps.

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Game Designer

Leveraging Instructional Technology for Personal Growth

Educators frequently use instructional technology tools to enhance school and work performance, while hesitating to focus on their own personal growth. Explore ways to utilize instructional tech apps and software to grow personally and professionally. Learn and share ideas/apps that have been successfully used to improve personal growth.

Some educational apps can be used to help with event planning, communication, small business tools, and hobbies. Learn how to incorporate technology with daily life activities. 

Yoga Session

Organize Your Life:
Get it Together!

Sometimes our busy lives get in the way of us having a "stress less", peaceful life., Learn to maximize your time, prioritize, get started with and finish tasks, as well as work toward accomplishing goals. Understand how to self-evaluate, identify pitfalls, set/reach goals, and plan to for consistency. Explore technology tools to help organize and keep track of daily routines.

Brainstorm to Success

Teach and Improve Executive Functioning Skills

Planning, organizing, prioritizing and self monitoring are all skills that help individuals create success. Executive functioning skills help children and adults learn a little easier, as well as enables them to make healthy choices.

Understand executive functioning skills and how to improve in children and teens. Explore helpful tips on how to help young people stay consistent in practice. Learn strategies and activities to help youth refine or enhance their skills.

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